Erick Borromeo

SKEEP Production

ABOUT Erick Borromeo

Erick Borromeo. Talented young gun, the future generation of Indonesia DJing scene!

Passionate about music since his childhood, Erick is originally a drummer - after having found a mentor in the legendary DJ Anton Wirjono himself, Erick started channeling his passions for all genres of music toward one that can unite them all: electronic dance music.

Quickly rising in the scene, Erick, now 23, founded his own SKEEP label. He has played in quite a lot of major clubs in Jakarta, as well as at the SH EDM Powerfest alongside Afrojack & Quintino at Colosseum Jakarta, We the Fest 2017 with Adrian Khalif and the Groove Gurus, as well as SHVR Ground Festival 2018.

Nominated as Uprising DJ of the Year 2018 by Paranoia, TOP 10 DJ Hunt for Djava Rave Festival in Bandung (featuring Steve Aoki and Juicy M), and most recently ranked #37 in Indonesia #TOP100DJ2018.


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